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Pre-Workout Booster Coffee


Pre-Workout Booster Coffee


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Workout Booster Blend

For Active Women

Are you looking for a performance boost when you exercise, but don’t want to drink hardcore pre-workout powders like the ‘muscle-heads’?

Bondi Coffee Workout Booster was developed to be the ultimate pre-workout drink for women. Full of natural, vegan ingredients that help you train better & longer, as well as speeding up your recovery.

Workout Booster is a delicious instant coffee that tastes just like your favourite barista made coffee!

✔ Contains MCTs, BCAAs, Beta Alanine
✔ Reduce fatigue and tiredness with Vitamins B3, B6 & B12
✔ Drink hot with milk and/or sugar like a regular delicious coffee
✔ Can be mixed cold into a pre-workout shake or smoothie

The Uk's First
Superfood Coffee

No Sugar

Individual Sachets

100% Natural

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still Not Sure?

  • Will Lean-Green help me lose weight?

    Lean-Green is choc-full of metabolism boosting and fat burning ingredients such as Green Coffee, Green Tea, Korean Ginseng, Guarana and Choline.

    It also helps reduce food cravings in-between meals and gives you loads of energy throughout your whole day - with no crash.

    Make sure you get regular exercise and eat a healthy diet - #strongnotskinny

  • How does it taste?

    We developed Lean-Green to be an easy, everyday coffee swap for people on the go.

    As coffee lovers, our highest prioirty was getting Lean-Green to taste delicious, therefore receiving all the benefits without any sacrifices.

    We benchmarked the taste testing to Nescafe Azure, and we're pleased to say that with blind taste testing 8/10 people actually preferred Bondi Coffee Lean-Green over the Nescafe. In fact, many of our customers tell us thay now can't drink 'regular coffee' anymore - they love the Lean-Green taste so much.

    Try it for yourself!

  • How many sachets can I drink per day?

    Lean-Green was developed to be consumed daily, usually in the morning to get yourself firing on all cylinders.

    You can drink up to 4 sachets per day, but we usually recommend 1 or 2 per day.

    The coffee is quite strong, so if you prefer a more mild brew just use half a sachet per time and keep the other half for the next cup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 179 reviews
Denise (York, GB)
Delicious, and good for me!!

I was a little optimistic when ordering but my fears were soon laid to rest. I'm a bit of a coffee snob but could not believe how amazing the coffee tastes. Added to that, all the health benefits in just one cup, this is certainly a wonderful product.

Jo Smith (Hemel Hempstead, GB)

Amazing love the coffee ThAnkyou x

Kerri (Totton, GB)
Big fan ⭐️

I always feel great after Bondi drinks, not the usual brain fog from other stronger coffees. I like to have half a sachet at a time so get two yummy drinks. Delicious products, deliver on their promise -‘d great service too!

Priscila Simon (Silvertown, GB)
A-m-a-z-i-n-g everything

Fantastic coffee - both the workout booster blend and the lean green (and SO tasty). Also, hands down to the customer Bondi Coffee customer service who helped me with my order so kindly. Will be buying again!

Nicola Burn (Grimsby, GB)
Love it

Love the taste and really helps me to wake up I always have half sachet in the morning then mid afternoon the other half so half just before a work out I find really helps me to focus and gives me the stamina have just subscribed monthly 👍🏼

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