Bondi Coffee takes both our name and inspiration from the world’s most famous beach - the mecca of surf, sun, fun and healthy living. 

Our company mission is to help people achieve their 'Bondi Body' goals, improve their health and vitality, and look and feel their best every day. 

Bondi Coffee founder and CEO, Misha, is a qualified medical professional, dedicated fitness practitioner and strict vegetarian.  

After having her first baby, Misha was inspired to create a coffee brand that would help her and others reach their body goals in a healthy way.

As a self-confessed ‘coffee snob’ the taste had to be perfect!  Hence, over 60 different prototype blends were developed and taste-tested to finally achieve the taste, texture and functionality of no other coffee on the market. 

Bondi Coffee’s two different instant coffee blends are both mouth-wateringly delicious ‘barista-style’ instant coffees – better tasting than the leading instant coffee on the market, but with the added benefits of metabolism boosting and performance enhancing superfoods.

Whether it’s getting into shape, high performance or both, Bondi Coffee will help you achieve your Bondi Body all year round!

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