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Pre-Workout Booster Coffee
Tom PEATE (London, GB)

I have to admit that I'm NOT really a coffee person - but I used to have a black coffee before I went for a Run in the morning ; because I needed the caffeine "Kick up the Arse" and also because having a black coffee beforehand was essential for activating/ using fat cell mobilisation for Energy....but I literally had to drink the black coffee through gritted teeth because it tasted disgusting, and it also gave Me the "jitters"/gave Me Stress and Anxiety..!!
But then I tried BONDI coffee and it was Absolutely Brilliant.
It tastes Delicious and - because it's Full of Natural ingredients that are Healthy - I NEVER get jittery or anxious anymore.
Seriously the Best coffee I have EVER had, it's very Healthy and beneficial for the Mind and Body - and it's actually cheaper than the vile Shit that I used to buy from the supermarket.
PLEASE try this product and I can Guarantee that You will NOT be disappointed/ NEVER regret it.
The company also has very good communication and quick delivery. Definitely recommend BONDI coffee.

Great coffee

Great mix really enjoying it . Better boost in morning’s for sure

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Loreta Mineikyte (Hayes, GB)
Good Coffee

Very tasty, good coffee.

The best coffee I've ever had

The energy I get from just one coffee is insane! I love it, it doesn't even have a bitter taste like coffee more like an earthy taste that I love!

Delicious and full of fab ingredients

I love this coffee so much. It’s a massive part of my day and helps me stay on top of everything.

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Peter Littleboy (London, GB)
Bondi coffee

Having to buy the individual sachets as the brown bags had sold out I won’t be going back as it gives the right amount

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Jessica Lawrence (London, GB)

This is my new everyday coffee.
I drink Pre work out first thing in the morning before my gym session and lean coffee for lunch.
Definitely gives me that kick-start I need.
I have steadily lost weight.
Really wish I had taken pictures of my weight loss journey

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Andy O’Malley (Mold, GB)
Give them a try

I started with the lean green but then tried the pre workout boost…I have to say that you really can feel the boost. I now use it before hitting the gym and feel it definitely gives me a pick up. Great product. 👍

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Kim Grose (Bodmin, GB)
My morning rountine

I wouldn’t be without my Bondi coffee now. I’ve been using it for 6 months instead of normal coffee and wow what a difference I have noticed. I suffer with acid reflux and this has helped me to enjoy coffee again with no issues. It’s amazing 🤩

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Keeley Needs (Bristol, GB)
Bondilicious 😋

My morning routine is planned around this coffee that’s how much I love it! I have hypothyroidism. I set the alarm extra early as I have to wait 30-60 mins until I have caffeine.o t
It instantly wakes me up, I stay energised throughout the day and the blend is delicious especially with oat milk.
I’ve been a subscriber for 9 months and tried the pre work out blend. Give it a try you won’t regret it !!

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee: FREE + £4.50 Shipping
Sadaf Hamid (Kingston upon Thames, GB)

I didn't use yet bcz of fast I will use it then let you know

Tastes lovely

It tastes like proper filter coffee. I really like it and hope it will work towards me losing weight. I shall know after next week. It takes a while to see the effects

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
tina jackaman (London, GB)
Lovely coffee

I waited a week to give a review, and I am really impressed. Not only does it taste nice but I have lost 3lb in this first week.

Lean - Green Superfood Instant Coffee 140g
hannah mccarthy (Hengoed, GB)

I actually like the taste of the coffee the pics speaks for itself I was very apprehensive but I know it works :)

Bondi Lean green

Love this coffee, It gives me an energy boost & definitely stops my cravings, I ran out recently & really noticed a difference.

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee - 7 Sachet Pack
Katy Morgan (Maidstone, GB)
Amazing coffee

I love the coffee
First thing in the morning. Wakes me
Up instantly

Pre-Workout Booster Coffee
Lynette Barenboym (New Malden, GB)
Best coffee ever!

I was frustrated with coffee because I often found that drinking it made me feel sick. Sometimes I want that pick me up in the morning. Now that I discovered Bondi, my coffee woes are gone. Bondi makes me feel great with a continued and steady energy level throughout the day.

Lean - Green Superfood Instant Coffee 140g
Julia Talbot (Manchester, GB)
A extra little push in the morning

I absolutely recommend bondi coffee,I have mine first thing in the morning 4.30am and it certainly gives me a big boost to get me going and to start my work as a cleaner,you will not be disappointed as it tastes delicious too

Great coffee

The perfect start to me day 😊

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Maria Moreira (Thornton Heath, GB)
Bondi Coffee

I love to start my day with a good cup of coffee and nothing like a strong, chocolaty-smelling coffee to open your senses in the morning.
I will definitely switch my usual coffee to Bondi Coffee it's aromatic and full of flavours the best support to start my day can't believe it's most herbal made and yet smells and taste like coffee☕️

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Lisa Griffin-Ridley (London, GB)
Awesome coffee kick

Bondi coffee has put simplicity into coffee making. 1 sachet, no mess, just add boiling water and savour the great flavour. The caffeine boost is a bonus. All these amazing ingredients in one little bundle of joy..
Just perfect. 🥰

I found my soul mate🥰

I really like this kind of coffee. It not only has the nutrition I need, satisfies my desire to drink coffee every morning, but also gives me full energy. After drinking, a unique aroma of coffee is left in my mouth, and my mood is improved and satisfied. It has become the most important element for me to reward myself, cherish myself, and cheer myself up every morning. Thank you BoneCoffee

Bondi superfood coffee

Enjoying superfood coffee in the morning the taste and is now part of my routine for healthy start and love product

Lean - Green Superfood Instant Coffee 140g
Loreta Mineikyte (Uxbridge, GB)
Happy customer

I am in love with my new coffee. Great taste, good service.
Thank you very much,