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From a coffee bean "only" coffee addict

I've gotta say was very skeptical at first. I grind my own coffee beans through an expresso that's how I love been drinking and generally accept no other way.

However unfortunately currently my machine has been malfunctioning and I only have coffee beans. I needed a quick alternative saw this on an ad and though hmm might as well give it a go I gave the samples a try and really was pleasantly surprised by the consistency, texture and taste.

The biggest thumbs up for me however was I really did get a good sustained energy and zero headaches which I always get after instant coffee.

That's a huge plus point for me. So we'll done Bondi for developing and creating this. I shall definitely be ordering more ( in fact I already have) 😃


Tasted so good, I’m a really fussy coffee drinker and was shocked that I liked it so much and as I don’t like my coffee to strong, 1 sachet makes 2 big cups. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee: FREE + £4.50 Shipping
Alice Schooley (Littlehampton, GB)

Definitely makes me feel more energised! Brilliant

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee: FREE + £4.50 Shipping
suzannah Eugenio (South Benfleet, GB)

Tastes really good, gives me so much energy. I am drinking less coffee now and feel healthier.

Lean - Green Superfood Instant Coffee 140g
Steven Woodfield (London, GB)
Morning kick start

On second pouch of coffee powder. Nice taste and easy to use product. Quick delivery and updates.
I use a heaped teaspoon every morning and really does kick start my day.
Will continue to use after initial trial and recommend

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee - 7 Sachet Pack
Tara Kleanthous (Tottenham, GB)
The best tasting coffee

I’m not a coffee fan but i can definitely indulge in this and also it helped with my chronic fatigue.

Reusable Thermal Mug
Ian Walker (Tadworth, GB)
Really good

Love the taste. I can't drink normal coffee as it gives me a migraine. I have been drinking this for nearly 3 months now with no problems. I have just double my subscription. I have been recommending Bondi coffee to all my friends.

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Lucy Hizmo (Sheffield, GB)
Love it

I absolutely love this coffee, it’s great tasting and really packs a punch. Since I started drinking Bondi I’ve cut down on how many cup of coffee I drink a day. I’m super happy.


I've tried many alternatives and really enjoy this coffee. It tastes good and I like knowing it also benefits my health. I've told so many of my friends about to too!

Great taste

Only started drinking this a day ago, so I can’t comment on its benefits yet.
However I can say this is great tasting coffee and I’m looking forward to seeing the results of using it.

I love it!

I ordered a trial box of coffee as I thought it was a fair deal, but wasn't really sold on the idea. But blimey I really love it! To me it tastes like 'normal' coffee, but I love that it has super powers!

Right again!

Every batch seems to be as great quality as the last. The coffee taste has been acquired with each cup and I love the taste. I feel it's boosting effect kick in so after I take it each day. The 7 day trial is a great start; by the time it's done you will love it (if you're meant to).

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee

I purchased the 7 day trial and wasn't disappointed. I can't believe how good this coffee tastes as I usually only drink freshly ground coffee but this has now become my favourite morning drink to kick-start my day.

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee: FREE + £4.50 Shipping
Lisa Hannington Collins (Bracknell, GB)
Love this stuff!

Always a little dubious of the ‘latest’ heath kicks out there but thought I’d give this a try - replaced my morning coffee with this. I genuinely get the same caffeine kick with this and seems to last longer, I feel like my energy spans throughout the morning rather than needing another coffee a few hours later. Although it looks a little like sawdust (!!) it actually tastes like coffee and I’ll be ordering some more! Thanks 🤗

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Zara Hayes (Islington, GB)
Bondi coffee

Its great

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Romina (Llanelli, GB)
In love with this new coffee you’ve gained a new customer

I absolutely love the taste & smoothness of this coffee! I’m a new customer that is super happy to find a coffee with added benefits

Delicious coffee

Like the taste .. great start to the day !

Great coffee!

Took me a little while to adapt to the taste and to work out how much of the sachet to use each time but now I believe I've got it and I certainly feel the effects!
It does definitely curb my appetite so I've made it part of my daily routine! Unfortunately I won't be able to stick to a subscription but will continue to buy (and recommend) it whenever I can.

Great coffee

I love all the different ingredients in the coffee


Lovely taste & wales me up nicely for the day! Highly recommend


Omg I luv it I have one cup has soon has I wake up,then my normal routine with coffee it's great

Taste is amazing

I tried this coffee out of sheer curiosity and I have to say it tastes amazing! I’ll be honest after seeing it advertised I really didn’t think it could be possible to have a coffee that actually had so many health benefits. I drink ALOT of coffee and I’ve tried so many different ones, but this one with the added benefits is hands down the best. Well done Bondi coffee

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Heather Bagot (London, GB)
Gorgeous taste!

Love the coffee taste and it really gives a fab boost to get you going!

Brilliant start to the day

I recently ordered a sample of the the lean-green blend and have been drinking it every day since. I love how much more energised I feel and it's great to know I'm having super foods with my cup of coffee. Can't wait for my first months' supply to arrive.

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Michelle (Croydon, GB)
Great Coffee!

Love the taste, love the mental focus it gives me without the nasty caffeine drop afterwards. Great way to start my working day 👍🏻😁