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Best coffee ever!

Five Star coffee!!! Absolutely worth the money! Packaging is excellent and great for work too. Will definitely recommend and will always purchase!

Lean-Green Blend, 28 Sachets

Great Tasting Convenient Coffee!

I have been loving the Workout Booster blend as my morning caffeine fix, it’s so easy to make and delicious! I use before working out, or if I need to focus! Such a lovely company too! Thank you lovelies xx


I am a teacher so I am busy in the morning. This allows me to have good coffee and MCT oil (to help with my fast) without any effort. The travel cup is fantastic as well!!

Great product

This is a great product, I use it as my morning coffee now as it includes all the goodness from the greens but without the bitter bad taste of them. Really brilliant products and amazing tasting instant coffee

Lean-Green Blend, 28 Sachets

gives you a lot of energy and suppresses your appetite

2 x Lean-Green + 2 x Booster Sample Pack
Tasty and smooth

Very smooth tasting coffee, really enjoyed the flavour. Great concept of healthier coffees. Greet job!!

Lean-Green Blend, 28 Sachets
Great coffee

Great coffee lovely to have each morning with a nice dash of cream and can honestly say that it does help with weight loss really didn’t think it was going to but had the same food and drink for two weeks and lost more weight on the second week while drinking the coffee each morning

Lean-Green Blend, 28 Sachets

Coffee is amazing just started let's see the results

Lean-Green Blend, 28 Sachets
Great coffee

I'm really enjoying this coffee first thing in the morning, this is my third month cannot see any difference in my weight BUT I have noticed that energy is better.
I'm diabetic it has been good for me I went for my blood test and Doctor was very pleased to see my sugar levels had come down I have still have to reduce it some more I'm quite sure it will with the help of this drink. Thank you.

2 x Lean-Green + 2 x Booster Sample Pack
bondi coffee

This is a nice tasting coffee which is brilliant because it has so much goodness in it. I would recommend this for a good kick start to your morning

2 x Lean-Green + 2 x Booster Sample Pack
Bondi coffee

Love them great taste would recommend to my family and friends x

2 x Lean-Green + 2 x Booster Sample Pack


Workout booster and Lean Green

I’ve tried the sample pack for both the Workout booster and lean green bindi coffees and all I can say is that ..: what took me so long to discover this?!?! I absolutely love them both! When I need the extra boost for my bootcamp classes I’m grabbing my workout booster coffee and it is all that I need to get me through a very intensive workout. When I just need to feel more awake and chug down through work, the lean green is actually giving me the energy and clarity I need to get everything done. I’m now placing another order for both coffees, this time I’m going with the whole month supply!

Lean-Green Blend, 28 Sachets
All you need!

After a couple of weeks having this coffee daily I only can say that is all that you need. It gives me a lot of energy in the mornings, and I don't even need to add sugar (I use to have 2 to 3 sugars in my normal coffee). It tastes great and you are adding all this extra benefits without pills or any strange flavours. Already subscribed!

Very effective

A good workout boost

Lean-Green Blend, 28 Sachets
Happy customer

I am really happy with my purchase. I ordered the 7 day pack, my weight is stable but I do have loads more energy. Will be buying again

Lean-Green Blend, 28 Sachets
Amazing coffee

Tried both blends and both tasted amazing.

Blogger Program Taster 5 WB + 2 LG
Best instant coffee I’ve ever tried!

Firstly,thanks Bondi coffee for sending me these amazing coffee. Recently I started to workout and the coffee helped me to stay focused🏋️‍♀️ Had more energy and I needed it because I have a 15month son. I recommended this coffee for my friends and family. Thanks again xxx

I’m obsessed

After try a few different coffees over the years it’s safe to say that I found my coffee dream. Bondi not only taste amazing but the pre work out boost honestly is my new pre workout drink. Such a fan would recommend to anyone

Lean-Green Blend, 28 Sachets
Best Coffe ever

I have enjoyed drinking this coffee! The taste is great and my energy level is so high! Great to manage weightloss. Highly recommended

Lean-Green Blend, 28 Sachets
Pleasantly surprised!

I was sceptical about this, but I’m impressed so far and it tastes really good! Too soon to talk results but about to order more so watch this space!

Lean-Green Blend, 28 Sachets
delicious as well as a great pre workout

Honestly, i’ve walwsys been sceptical about here pre workout coffees, drinks etc. but after trying bondi coffee and noticing such a difference i’m not all for it! it also tastes so smooth and delicious i wish i could drink the watchers throughout the day! as well as pre workout 🙌🏼😍

Pleasant surprise.

Ordered the trial pack but will definitely order more. I have to say the lean green coffee doesn’t taste amazing but it definitely helped me with my cravings. The workout booster tastes really good and helped me through my 5k runs. Thank you Bondi coffee.

My daily essiantial

Being a fitness instructor it is important to always have the energy to teach classes and stay on top of my game - Bondi coffee workout booster blend is my favourite! I have swapped my regular morning coffee with Bondi and have seen significant effect! Not only it prepares me for my workouts but it also gives me that extra push while working out! Why stick to regular coffee when you can have Bondi coffee with so many benefits!

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