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Great coffee

The perfect start to me day 😊

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Maria Moreira (Thornton Heath, GB)
Bondi Coffee

I love to start my day with a good cup of coffee and nothing like a strong, chocolaty-smelling coffee to open your senses in the morning.
I will definitely switch my usual coffee to Bondi Coffee it's aromatic and full of flavours the best support to start my day can't believe it's most herbal made and yet smells and taste like coffee☕️

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Lisa Griffin-Ridley (London, GB)
Awesome coffee kick

Bondi coffee has put simplicity into coffee making. 1 sachet, no mess, just add boiling water and savour the great flavour. The caffeine boost is a bonus. All these amazing ingredients in one little bundle of joy..
Just perfect. 🥰

I found my soul mate🥰

I really like this kind of coffee. It not only has the nutrition I need, satisfies my desire to drink coffee every morning, but also gives me full energy. After drinking, a unique aroma of coffee is left in my mouth, and my mood is improved and satisfied. It has become the most important element for me to reward myself, cherish myself, and cheer myself up every morning. Thank you BoneCoffee

Bondi superfood coffee

Enjoying superfood coffee in the morning the taste and is now part of my routine for healthy start and love product

Lean - Green Superfood Instant Coffee 140g
Loreta Mineikyte (Uxbridge, GB)
Happy customer

I am in love with my new coffee. Great taste, good service.
Thank you very much,

Lean - Green Superfood Instant Coffee 140g
Alison Fisher (Leigh-on-Sea, GB)
Tastes delicious

At last a healthy coffee that tastes delicious, gives me energy but no anxiety, perfect

Tasty, especially with oat milk

I can drink this ‘black’ which I can’t with regular coffee but I do enjoy it most with Oatly barista. Gives me a pick me up in the morning when I may be struggling to wake and pleased to know there is goodness in there.

Pre-Workout Booster Coffee
Bella Stylianou (Morden, GB)
Brilliant, good taste & effective!

Been a member of Bondi Coffee for a while now & just purchased the pre workout coffee can't be happier also lean green coffee brilliant!

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
cashner Agyemang (Middlesex, GB)

I have been taking the Bondi coffee for a while. Immediately after trial I registered for a monthly subscription. It energises me all the time with mental clarity.
Yesterday I took the pre workout one and it blew me away in the gym.
It's a product I can easily recommend to friends and loved ones. Above all very healthy ingredients.
Thank you.

So I wanted to put this coffee to test before I have my review so Day 1:- I took the full sachet one in morning one evening I did not like the taste and thaught this is not for me then Day 2:-I thaught I will take half sachet in morning with half teaspoon of organic honey and half sachet in the evening the taste was better but I could not sleep so I decided on day 3 I do the same as day 2 except instead of taking in the evening I will take around 4pm this was better for me,I continued same timing and half sachet ,I am on day 9 now and in 8 days I have lost 1kg alongside my intermittent fasting,so yes for weight loss it’s good,I feel full of energy and zero craving I also take 2litres of water.Hope my review helps.

Lovely coffee!

Been feeling really sluggish and down… it’s definitely helped to give me a kickstart! Tastes great too!

Pre-Workout Booster Coffee
Kerri (Southampton, GB)
So excited the pre-workout is back!

I’ve had the webpage for this coffee open for ages constantly refreshing so when I saw it was back in stock I signed up immediately for the subscription. I love it. Gives me a healthy kickstart for the day. Also no caffeine crashes, palpitations or headaches that I usually get as I’m super sensitive to caffeine. Cannot recommend enough. I use one sachet for two cups as like it not too strong too so lasts even longer for me!

Tasty and efficient!

Amazing blend!! Keep up the amazing work

Pre-Workout Booster Coffee
Alessandra (London, GB)
Great taste with the energy boost bonus!

I’m so happy that Workout blend is back in stock! Great coffee, delicious taste and really useful pre workout :)

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Debbie Hardman (Skelmersdale, GB)

Absolutely love it....for me best coffee had in ages xxx

Lean - Green Superfood Instant Coffee 140g
Samantha Kirkland (Loughborough, GB)
Great tasting

The great taste of coffee with additional benefits

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Hilary Spearing (Stoke-on-Trent, GB)
Amazing coffee

My favourite coffee of the day

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Clare Leyden (Huddersfield, GB)

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee

I haven’t received my coffee yet

Life changing! (For me)

After being diagnosed with an illness and trying various supplements, and other beverages to help I decided to call Bondi. I actually got through to the owners! How many companies can you actually do that with?! The owners are fantastic, and so lovely and friendly. They told me all about their coffee and there was no pressure. I signed up for the free trial, and received it, despite the postal strikes fairly quickly. Almost instantly I felt a difference! The taste is great, normally I add flavoured sweetener to my coffee, I just had this black, with a normal sweetener. I immediately purchased a box of 28 days supply! :) really really happy I found Bondi Coffee xx

A great boost

I have almost finished the trial pack and I'll definitely be ordering more . I've been so much more alert and productive at work !

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee: FREE + £4.50 Shipping
Prakash Jeyaprakash (Reading, GB)
It's just coffee!

Love the taste. It's not an elixir of life , but MCT does good to you ! So I just have it anyways instead of normal coffee that's it.


Absolutely love this coffee,will definitely be buying some more big smiles

Not receiving goods

I’m told it could be down to Royal Mail but I haven’t received the coffee yet and I’ve been asked to review 3 times. ☹️is as good as it gets at the moment