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Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Eloisa Spinelli (Nottingham, GB)
Energising and nourishing wellness

I enjoy this product as its now been a couple of months I have been using it and it really helped me a lot with my energy levels and to focus at work and be more active. I love the taste as it is, but it's nice adding some vegan milk too. I believe oat is great for this. Really enjoy this product and strongly suggested.

Reusable Thermal Mug
Nicola Waites (Camborne, GB)

I tried my first Bondi latte today. It was the best latte I’ve tasted. I’m chuffed to bits I can enjoy this drink in the comfort of my own home. I purchased the reusable cup too so I can enjoy it out and about. I feel great after a cup!

Love this Coffee!

I get the Bondi Lean Green blend sachets via subscription - I have just received my 3rd box full. It's lovely coffee and has loads of extra goodness in, what's not to love?! I look forward to having a cup each morning :)

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
shabana (Blackburn, GB)

Second time purchase suppresses my hunger loads of energy no diet jus coffee steady weightloss, will definitely recommend

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Marta Barreiro (Luton, GB)
Noticing some benefits

I like to have coffee with milk in the morning and have noticed my energy levels from this step in my routine have lasted longer with the bondi coffee. I use a bit of oat milk and a few drops of sweetener, but I find this doesn’t have the usual bitterness of instant coffee that I dislike, which is a bonus.

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
JILL (Congleton, GB)

This is really good tasting coffee, I found that one sachet will make two drinks and I take mine black, this is now my morning coffee, and will order again

Great coffee

I am not a huge fan of coffee in general, but was tempted to try this one. It definitely did not disappoint! Love having it in the morning when you need that energy boost. Also, the delivery was SUPER fast. The package was with me next day after I placed the order!

Very tasty coffee

The coffee tastes really good, it wakes me up nicely without giving me anxiety like other types of coffee.

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Caroline Oneill (Londonderry, GB)
Love it

Best coffee ever

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Rhona Freeman (London, GB)
New morning routine

Love this first thing in the morning but wish the pre work outs were in stock as I'd like to try this.

Improved alertness and great with intermittent fasting

t really improved my alertness and performance during the day and I felt no real dips or lacking in energy which I usually struggle with a lot. It also helped me with intermittent fasting and having had a cup of Bondi coffee in the morning it kept me full until lunchtime. I felt the benefits right away without having to take it for weeks or months.

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Kirstin Marshall (Macclesfield, GB)
Lovely coffee

This is now my favourite coffee ❤️

Tastes great!

My Bondi coffee arrived today and it tastes great, I’m looking forward to feeling all the benefits after a few more cups !


Pleasantly surprised! Love the taste of these, I'm really pleased!

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Johnstone Ruby (Truro, GB)
Bondi coffee

Great taste and wonderful lift

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Maria Butcher (Birmingham, GB)
Best coffee ever

Love this coffee- I enjoy the full sachet to have the strength. I work in fitness so the nutrition to me is a bonus. The detox is exactly what I needed to help with my digestion and starts my day off just right! I also enjoyed these coffees in a vanilla protein smoothie shake x

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee: FREE + £4.50 Shipping
Caroline Oneill (Londonderry, GB)
Best coffee

Best tasting coffee keeps ne on the go

Pre-Workout Booster Coffee
Carole Joly (Huddersfield, GB)

Test great ..I have one 15 mn before my workout it's giving me so much energie love it couldn't do without now xxx

Reusable Thermal Mug
Petra Kasikova (Harlow, GB)
Amazing smooth taste

wasnt expecting to like it this much, good black or even better with a splash of any plant based milk, especially unsweetened almond

Coffee Converter

Like many before me, wrote the same on their reviews, skeptical at first but thought I’d give it a try. My first cup I made far too strong, just one slightly lumpted teaspoon of the coffee, dash of milk and a sweetener and I have my new fave brew. Aussie coffee has always tasted a bit more ‘nutty’ to me, but I do like it. I haven’t felt the benefits of the ‘green’ just yet, but hoping to soon. Looking at the ingredients there isn’t much added of the green. Hopefully in the future other magical ingredients like Moringa (Moringa - The Healthful Hub is the best!!) can be added!

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Spider Chan (Wallsend, GB)
TASTES very good

As a regular coffee bean drinker using an espresso machine one would expect anything "instant" would be a no no. Well that was also my initial impression.
However if you regularly grind beans you know of difficult it is to pull a good shot every single time and there is so much variety in taste.

Here comes the amazing surprise with Bondi coffee. I can honestly say the ease of use with a single sachet delivers are very nice tasting coffee. The other ingredients must have been carefully prepared because I often get headaches drinking instant but I get nothing of such with these.
Thoroughly recommend you try this especially for the convenience and if you were like me "only drink" from grounded coffee beans then I believe you will be pleasantly surprised by this.

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Dominga Balacang (Bristol, GB)


Amazing tasting coffee

I hve the pre workout coffee jus before I go for a run or jump into a class - it tastes great and I feel more energised!! Def give it a try!!

I love coffee!

This coffee is a game changer for me! Getting up at 4am for work I feel the difference after the first coffee I'm not rushing for another coffee 7am, the energy I had was unreal! It was a nice sustainable energy level throughout the day! It tastes so nice aswell!

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee: FREE + £4.50 Shipping
Annka Jeavons (Market Drayton, GB)

I ordered the trial and after the first sachet signed up for the subscription. I love the taste and I have no mid morning crash like I used to.
Also seem to have more energy and not going to bed stupidly early. Generally feel great and I haven’t changed anything else.
I would recommend.