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Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Andrea ADLAM-VARDY (Southampton, GB)
Tastes great and really improves my energy

I love Bondi Coffee. It really helps boost my energy levels before exercise and the green coffee seems to help my digestion and metabolism. I’m so impressed

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee - 7 Sachet Trial Pack
Annmarie Skilbeck (South Norwood, GB)
Good response, love the coffee

After some miscomunication,i was impressed i was conyacted immediatly RE my request
It was nothing to do with the drink.
I have lost weight ,and use this drink as the kick start to my day.
Its delicious,i only use half a sachet ,asi dont like strong coffee,yet my friend loves a rich dark expresso type coffee and has 2 at a time!!! I get everyone to try them!

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee - 7 Sachet Trial Pack
Annmarie Skilbeck (South Norwood, GB)

Why do still send these ,i have cancelled numerous times .please dont send any till i order,so cancel my repeat order.

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee - 7 Sachet Trial Pack
Kvetoslava Sandorkova (Greenford, GB)
My trial order

It’s amaz amazing AMAZING! Love this drink! Exactly what I was looking for 😍 Quality, no chemicals, price is great and it’s vegan!🌱

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Michaela W (Erith, GB)
Fab coffee

Love these coffees, I use half a sachet at a time so they last even longer. Lovely smooth taste and very convenient to take to work etc. Customer service is also excellent.

Excellent Customer Service

Part of my order was missing initially, and it took some time to sort out, but I was given some free coffee as compensation, so I am very happy.

Great Coffee

I do enjoy starting my day with a Bondi Lean Green coffee. All the benefits of great tasting coffee without the jitters etc that you get drinking normal coffee on an empty stomach etc. Plus it’s full of extra goodness. I use half a sachet a day for a great boost.


Absolutely loving the coffee! It is such a great kick start to my mornings! Love the taste, however I only use half a sachet as I don't like my coffee too strong. Still does the job though. Thank you.

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Andrea Crombag (Poplar, GB)
Best taste & results

I am very impressed with Bondi Lean Green. 1 sachet is enough to get me through long working days, whereas previously I drank 4 normal espressos, without any of the jittery/nervous feelings. As an added bonus the taste is amazing. Always look forward to it in the morning

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Vicky Johnson (Poole, GB)
Great Coffee

Great coffee,
Like it mid morning to give me a boost!

Really enjoying the Bondi coffee. Really nice taste. I am using half a sachet as I don't like my coffee too strong so one sachet is enough for one day with two coffees. I will be ordering again. Thank you.

Reusable Thermal Mug
Sadie Parker (Rainham, GB)

Excellent coffee , very fast delivery

Power coffee

This coffee is amazing. It really does give you a kick in the mornings better than normal coffee.
Thank you

Nice choice to replace my daily coffee routine

Smell nice, taste good when the quality ingredients.

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Abi Hodkinson (Birmingham, GB)
Good coffee

Tastes interesting nice strong coffee which I prefer than using 2 sachets of normal type coffees. Been drinking this black as I find it tastes great that way.

Pre-Workout Booster Coffee
Nicola Burn (Grimsby, GB)
Fab coffee

Love this coffee
Especially before a workout I have subscribed monthly

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee - 7 Sachet Trial Pack
Nicola French (Ashton-under-Lyne, GB)
Bondi coffee

I have now tried both blends, I absolutely love Bondi! The pre workout blend really does get you feeling ready to give it your all!
The lean green is my go to for my everyday cup, I actually only use half a sachet each time, I still feel the benefits of this amazing blend, I can’t function without it now, really gives me a boost in a morning and keeps me going all day long!! Wouldn’t be without it now!! Love Bondi - tastes great with soya too

Great coffee

I switched to this coffee two months ago, and I absolutely LOVE it!
I like the taste, ease of use and it’s just what I need mid morning to give me a little boost 😜

Delicious, and good for me!!

I was a little optimistic when ordering but my fears were soon laid to rest. I'm a bit of a coffee snob but could not believe how amazing the coffee tastes. Added to that, all the health benefits in just one cup, this is certainly a wonderful product.

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Kulsum Khan (West Bromwich, GB)

This is my second box.... what a coffee..... every cup is tastes as good as an upgrade.... don't think I will be able to drink any other brand

Love love love fuelling up with Bondi Coffee!

Loving the flavour and boost from my Bondi Coffee Hit morning! Hot with no milk, or with lacto free milk, light unsweetened oat milk or in an ice coffee! Any and all combinations have been a success! Definitely try Bondi for your daily coffee Boost ❤️❤️

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee - 7 Sachet Trial Pack
Sally McLean (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)

Coffee quite pleasant but expensive

Combo Pack: 7 Lean-Green + 7 Workout Booster
Leanne Store Manager (Nuneaton, GB)
Amazing Energy Boost Coffee

My staff and I tried these coffees at work as our lunch time drink for a week.
We had the Workout Booster (Yellow) and the Lean green blend (Green)
We love both!
Some of us had it just with hot water and others with milk or milk alternatives.
I personally preferred the Yellow one with Oat Milk as it gave it a nutty flavor and I always had a bit more get up and go after having one.
Another colleague preferred the Green as they like the metabolism and liver support benefit. She said she also had less brain fog and could concentrate better after having one.


Great in the morning!

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Emma Ball (Birmingham, GB)
Amazing taste

Highly recommend this coffee for its taste and effects. I drink less coffee now as the lean green blend keeps me going until my pre workout blend which pushes me through a 55 minute combat class before the kids get home. Both taste amazing. I cant wait to drink my morning coffee.

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