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Love Bondi!

Placed several orders for Bondi coffee, for over a couple of years now, love it!

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee - 7 Sachet Pack
Michael Richardson (Islington, GB)
Simply the best!

I've been drinking Bondi pre workout coffee to fuel my exercise regime for quite some time now & I can't recommend it highly enough. It gets me going & it tastes great 🙂 Recently I've also tried the lean green coffee & now I'm torn! It's a tough decision I can't choose between them!!

Lots of energy all day

Since I drink Bondi coffee I don’t feel that tired in the afternoon. I only have one cup of coffee in the morning and I have plenty of energy all day.
I used to have at least 2 coffee and lots of tea to keep me awake during the day.
I do recommend Bondi coffee, it also tastes great

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Sarah George (London, GB)
My coffee

Very morning

Lean - Green Superfood Instant Coffee 140g
Annka Jeavons (Market Drayton, GB)
Love it

I can no longer drink normal coffee, I have a simple taste in coffee, black and no sugar. This tastes amazing, have been using for over 5 months and cannot go back.

Great coffee

This is a really good flavoursome coffee
Gives you a real boost , energising & great in sachets as so portable for work/ on the go!
Highly recommend 😋


Amazing coffee very good if you have Menupause so would really recommend

Pre-Workout Booster Coffee
Tom PEATE (London, GB)

I have to admit that I'm NOT really a coffee person - but I used to have a black coffee before I went for a Run in the morning ; because I needed the caffeine "Kick up the Arse" and also because having a black coffee beforehand was essential for activating/ using fat cell mobilisation for Energy....but I literally had to drink the black coffee through gritted teeth because it tasted disgusting, and it also gave Me the "jitters"/gave Me Stress and Anxiety..!!
But then I tried BONDI coffee and it was Absolutely Brilliant.
It tastes Delicious and - because it's Full of Natural ingredients that are Healthy - I NEVER get jittery or anxious anymore.
Seriously the Best coffee I have EVER had, it's very Healthy and beneficial for the Mind and Body - and it's actually cheaper than the vile Shit that I used to buy from the supermarket.
PLEASE try this product and I can Guarantee that You will NOT be disappointed/ NEVER regret it.
The company also has very good communication and quick delivery. Definitely recommend BONDI coffee.

Great coffee

Great mix really enjoying it . Better boost in morning’s for sure

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Loreta Mineikyte (Hayes, GB)
Good Coffee

Very tasty, good coffee.

The best coffee I've ever had

The energy I get from just one coffee is insane! I love it, it doesn't even have a bitter taste like coffee more like an earthy taste that I love!

Delicious and full of fab ingredients

I love this coffee so much. It’s a massive part of my day and helps me stay on top of everything.

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Peter Littleboy (London, GB)
Bondi coffee

Having to buy the individual sachets as the brown bags had sold out I won’t be going back as it gives the right amount

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Jessica Lawrence (London, GB)

This is my new everyday coffee.
I drink Pre work out first thing in the morning before my gym session and lean coffee for lunch.
Definitely gives me that kick-start I need.
I have steadily lost weight.
Really wish I had taken pictures of my weight loss journey

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Andy O’Malley (Mold, GB)
Give them a try

I started with the lean green but then tried the pre workout boost…I have to say that you really can feel the boost. I now use it before hitting the gym and feel it definitely gives me a pick up. Great product. 👍

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Kim Grose (Bodmin, GB)
My morning rountine

I wouldn’t be without my Bondi coffee now. I’ve been using it for 6 months instead of normal coffee and wow what a difference I have noticed. I suffer with acid reflux and this has helped me to enjoy coffee again with no issues. It’s amazing 🤩

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Keeley Needs (Bristol, GB)
Bondilicious 😋

My morning routine is planned around this coffee that’s how much I love it! I have hypothyroidism. I set the alarm extra early as I have to wait 30-60 mins until I have caffeine.o t
It instantly wakes me up, I stay energised throughout the day and the blend is delicious especially with oat milk.
I’ve been a subscriber for 9 months and tried the pre work out blend. Give it a try you won’t regret it !!

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee: FREE + £4.50 Shipping
Sadaf Hamid (Kingston upon Thames, GB)

I didn't use yet bcz of fast I will use it then let you know

Tastes lovely

It tastes like proper filter coffee. I really like it and hope it will work towards me losing weight. I shall know after next week. It takes a while to see the effects

Mornings are not the same without my bondi coffee!!

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
tina jackaman (London, GB)
Lovely coffee

I waited a week to give a review, and I am really impressed. Not only does it taste nice but I have lost 3lb in this first week.

Lean - Green Superfood Instant Coffee 140g
hannah mccarthy (Hengoed, GB)

I actually like the taste of the coffee the pics speaks for itself I was very apprehensive but I know it works :)

Bondi Lean green

Love this coffee, It gives me an energy boost & definitely stops my cravings, I ran out recently & really noticed a difference.

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee - 7 Sachet Pack
Katy Morgan (Maidstone, GB)
Amazing coffee

I love the coffee
First thing in the morning. Wakes me
Up instantly