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Kelly (Great Yarmouth, GB)
A coffee with added awesome!

I love how I Bondi coffee means I can have my favourite morning drink with added natural superpowers!...It tastes so smooth and gives so much!

Starter Pack Sample
samantha harding (Pinner, GB)
Good taste and practical

Perfect for the day to day life! taste is really good!! SO practical to take anywhere and drink before my gym classes!!

Starter Pack Sample
Lynne McKenna
Brilliant Bondi

What an amazing brand, delicious, energising, yummy and so simple to make and go.

I've started having one before a yoga class, run and exercise class. Now that I have the perfectly sized keepie cup I also love making one when I'm off out, especial in this cold weather.

A tasty treat that gets me up and out in the morning.


Combo Pack: 7 Lean-Green + 7 Workout Booster
Barbara Kuleso (Woolwich, GB)

Combo Pack: 7 Lean-Green + 7 Workout Booster

Delicious Coffee

Absolutely love this coffee, I'm currently following a keto plan and wanted a coffee I could drink alongside it and Bondi ticked all the boxes. So I normally keep myself to just one coffee a day as I really don't like the crash you feel after that initial boost, but with Bondi you don't get that crash and it really does keep you energised without the sluggish feeling from normal coffee. The taste is really nice, I usually half my sachet and have half in the morning and then half in the afternoon for a nice medium tasting coffee, honestly try it you won't be disappointed, so pleased they offer the trial pack as I am now subscribing, thank you Bondi

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee - 7 Sachet Pack
Sarah Gobey (Kensington, GB)
Great product!

Really happy with my get up and go coffee that's also good for me! My first order did not arrive and Bondi coffee immediately sent a replacement order when l contacted them. Great product and customer service!

I love my daily coffee

I bought this coffee not expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. The coffee tastes great with or without milk. I only use half a packet at a time which is strong enough for me. I drink this during my fast and it doesn't spike my insulin so another plus. I will be getting more before I run out. Well done on a good product.

Lean - Green Superfood Coffee 140g
Sid BIBI (Birmingham, GB)
Amazing coffee

This product is amazing and I enjoy this coffee so much.

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Lorna H (Kirkwall, GB)
Love it

I recommend this coffee so much, I have a cup every morning before work and feel it gives me the boost I need to get me through the day. I use a whole sachet in a large mug and put a little Oat milk in it, love the taste and missed when I was on holiday.

Lean - Green Superfood Coffee 140g
Gail Thomson (Dufftown, GB)

I have been using Bondi coffee for nearly a year and I think that it's delicious, creamy and tastes better than a barista. Every morning after I've had a coffee I feel so much better and ready to start the day.. definitely worth every penny 👌

Lean - Green Superfood Coffee 140g
Michelle Edmundson (South Shields, GB)
Lovely taste

Lovely taste not bitter like some coffees I've tasted

Lean - Green Superfood Coffee 140g
Leah Schroder (Plymouth, GB)
Lean green blend !!!! Best coffee I have ever had!!!!!

Fantastic tasting coffee, with all the added goodness. Wouldn’t like to be without it now.

Love, love, love it 😍!


I'm a bit of a coffee snob so I was a little sceptical about Bondi Coffee... but I was so wrong!! Both the Lean Green Blend and the Workout Booster Blend are so smooth and creamy, and give a really well rounded cup of coffee - so much nicer than ANY instant coffee and chain coffee shops. They give me so much more energy than my usual instant coffee and its nice to know I get a dose of good nutrients with it too.

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Sid BIBI (Birmingham, GB)
Siid xxo

This coffee is so amazing, the taste is brilliant not too rich and very healthy for the body. I absolutely love it 😊

Pre-Workout Booster Coffee
Lucy Hill (Chelmsford, GB)
The best before a workout!

I’ve been drinking Bondi coffee now for about 5 months and I can honestly say it’s by far the best pre workout coffee I have ever had. It gives me that extra boost and energy needed for my training plus it taste’s extremely good.
Highly recommend :)

Great taste

Love this, great taste, curb appetite, lots of energy


best coffee Eva gives me my morning boost,very much needed now menopause has arrived!!! Yes already,I'm only 50!

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee - 7 Sachet Pack
jane wood (Chesterfield, GB)
Only been 3 days

Tastes great feeling a bit more energetic and I'm not as bloated

Super Coffee

What can I say…’s the best!
Once you try Bondi coffee you’ll see no other coffee compares to its taste and added benefits! I’m a customer for life! I highly recommend everyone try it. I feel more awake and revived in the mornings now I that I drink Bondi first thing!

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Teena Dring (Chingford, GB)
Make every morning a Bondi morning!

Love this product, great coffee taste and gets me through every morning *****

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Laura Cowling (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)
Very nice and energetic coffee

Since I have started drinking Bondi coffee it really helped me with my energy levels, especially after an operation I had during the summer. it's also helping me losing weight! I recommend it :)

Lean-Green Superfood Coffee
Tracy Lou (Stoke-on-Trent, GB)
Best coffee!

Best way to start the day- I have half a sachet with some skimmed milk. When I ran out, I went back to my previous instant coffee and it was awful in comparison. I very quickly reordered my Bondi Coffee!

Pre-Workout Booster Coffee
Tissyanne Lima (Romford, GB)
Pre workout is great

I bought the pre workout and the lean green blend, I have tried the workout booster and it was wonderful, I will try the other one during the week

Best coffee ever

Ok I hardly leave reviews on products I use but this one is the real deal , please keep the good job and don't change it for less love love my Bondi coffee.