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Lean-Green Superfood Coffee


Lean-Green Superfood Coffee


28 Sachets per box (One month supply). Only 89p per coffee. 👍

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Lean-Green Blend

For Busy Women on The Go

What's Inside?

The easiest and tastiest way to boost your energy and metabolim.

Lean green tastes just like barista-style instant coffee but just one cup contains SEVEN active superfood ingredients including MCTs, Spirulina, Ginseng and Guarana.

✔ Boost energy
✔ Boost metabolism
✔ Boost alertness & concentration
✔ Burn Fat

Super Greens + Coffee Beans! The Bondi way to Boost your Day!

First Superfood
Coffee In UK

No Sugar

Individual Sachets

100% Natural

Fast Delivery

Body Fat

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still Not Sure?

  • What are the benefits of Lean-Green?
    The Lean-Green blend contains natural and restorative stimulants such as Green Tea, Ginseng, Guarana and Choline that improve cognitive function and support metabolism. These natural superfoods help keep you energised and focused throughout your whole day, unlike regular coffee where you feel the post caffeine crash! It is most effective when paired with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise to keep you feeling at your best.
  • How does it taste?
    We developed Lean-Green to be an easy, everyday coffee swap for people on the go. As coffee lovers, our highest prioirty was getting Lean-Green to taste delicious, therefore receiving all the benefits without any sacrifices. We benchmarked the taste testing to Nescafe Azure, and we're pleased to say that with blind taste testing 8/10 people actually preferred Bondi Coffee Lean-Green over the Nescafe. In fact, many of our customers tell us they now can't drink 'regular coffee' anymore - they love the Lean-Green taste so much! Try it for yourself!
  • How many sachets can I drink per day?
    The Lean-Green was developed to be consumed daily. We recommend in the morning to get yourself firing on all cylinders and as part of a healthy routine. We advise to use one or two Lean-Green sachets per day. Each sachet contains 166mg of caffeine, the equivalent of a double shot of espresso. If you prefer a more mild brew, use half a sachet and keep the other half for the next cup!

Customer Reviews

Based on 399 reviews
Andrea ADLAM-VARDY (Southampton, GB)
Tastes great and really improves my energy

I love Bondi Coffee. It really helps boost my energy levels before exercise and the green coffee seems to help my digestion and metabolism. I’m so impressed

Annmarie Skilbeck (South Norwood, GB)
Good response, love the coffee

After some miscomunication,i was impressed i was conyacted immediatly RE my request
It was nothing to do with the drink.
I have lost weight ,and use this drink as the kick start to my day.
Its delicious,i only use half a sachet ,asi dont like strong coffee,yet my friend loves a rich dark expresso type coffee and has 2 at a time!!! I get everyone to try them!

Annmarie Skilbeck (South Norwood, GB)

Why do still send these ,i have cancelled numerous times .please dont send any till i order,so cancel my repeat order.

Kvetoslava Sandorkova (Greenford, GB)
My trial order

It’s amaz amazing AMAZING! Love this drink! Exactly what I was looking for 😍 Quality, no chemicals, price is great and it’s vegan!🌱

Michaela W (Erith, GB)
Fab coffee

Love these coffees, I use half a sachet at a time so they last even longer. Lovely smooth taste and very convenient to take to work etc. Customer service is also excellent.

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