What's the best time to drink your coffee?

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We get asked this a lot. And if you’re like me, you could drink coffee all day long. But some people are conscious of how much or how often they want to consume coffee and it can be useful to know some claims for when coffee is the most effective.


We all know the reasons why coffee is our go-to for a BOOST in the day. It helps you feel less tired and more alert and sustains your energy for hours. The caffeine in coffee can improve your mood, improve your brain function, fire up your metabolism, wake up your immune system and give you the energy you need to get your body moving. For these reasons, many people reach for the coffee as soon as they wake (and I don’t blame you!)
In most people, reaching for a morning coffee goes hand-in-hand with the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. In most people, this is because caffeine accelerates the release of cortisol, a hormone that can help control blood sugar levels, regulate the metabolism and assist with memory formulation. Cortisol naturally peaks 30-45 minutes after waking, then declines throughout the day, so the coffee lengthens + strengthens this period of activity.
But for this reason, a lot of people believe that holding off from your coffee for a few hours is more beneficial as your body is at its natural peak of alertness and can sustain its own energy in your early hours. This is true to some effect, but there hasn’t been extensive studies to prove holding off as more beneficial for your energy levels than having your cup first thing. There has also been talks of a first-thing cup being problematic for the production of cortisol in the long term, but this hasn’t been proven, so you’ve still got the green light here too!
Some pinpoint the periods between cortisol boosts as the prime time for a cup of coffee. The second cortisol peak (although much weaker than the morning) is usually between 12 and 1 PM. Again, it can be beneficial to hold off from coffee until a few hours after lunch so that your body uses its natural energy sources, plus those consumed in your lunch. Once again the evidence isn’t strong enough to act as proof for holding off as more beneficial, but a lunch-time or post-lunch cup is allowed, especially if you want to keep your metabolism fired, your concentration sustained, your alertness sharp + your energy electrified!
The bottom line? With no solid evidence apart from the one that proves how energising + beneficial coffee can be, you can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy your coffee as soon as you rise AND later if you like.
So why do I choose Bondi Lean Green as my every day blend? Because I want to drink coffee and know that I am nourishing my body + providing myself with so many health benefits, in my favourite way! The lean green blend does this as it contains spirulina, MCTs, green tea, guarana, ginseng and choline, but STILL tastes wonderful and sustains me for hours, whenever I need.
What about the Workout Booster? Coffee is known for its ability to promote wakefulness and increase alertness, but its brilliant as a performance enhancer because of its energising qualities and stimulation of your focus. Coffee is a much cheaper alternative to caffeine-containing supplements like pre-workout powders, and these are often ladled with preservatives + artificial ingredients – no thank you! If you’re looking to optimize coffee’s beneficial effects on exercise performance, it’s best to consume the beverage 30–60 minutes before a workout as this is the time it takes caffeine levels to peak in your body. Studies have also shown that coffee can delay exercise fatigue an improve muscle strength. That’s why Bondi Workout Booster Blend has the addition of MCTs, BCAAs, Beta Alanine + Vitamins B3, B6 & B12, to really multiply the benefits of coffee for your workout, to reduce fatigue + promote muscle recovery.
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