Dairy-Free and Delicious!

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Black coffee isn't everybody's cup of tea (pun intended!) and I'm sure you'll know a number of people who are reducing their dairy intake or deciding to go all-out vegan. You might even be trying it yourself! So I thought I would be useful to round up the yummiest & most common milk alternatives to let you know how compatible they are with our favourite coffee blends and what you can expect when you taste them.



A full-bodied milk that rivals whole milk when it comes to richness + the favourite for the health conscious as it’s high in fibre + high in protein + good for those looking to boost their digestive health. It blends easily + makes a smooth creamy coffee. Great for a long latte.


A higher fat content with a subtly sweet flavour that doesn’t distract from the good quality coffee that you use. It’s less dense than semi-skimmed milk + produces a light froth when foamed. There are a few barista blends of coconut milk that you can buy, and always make sure it’s the carton + not the can of coconut milk used for cooking.


Soy has been a popular non-dairy milk alternative for years now. It has a smooth, creamy texture and a neutral taste. It can curdle in coffee as it naturally reacts to the change of temperature or acidity of the coffee so its sometimes best to warm it up a little and add it slowly. Although temperamental, it’s great in a latte + produces a similar texture when warmed as diary milk.


Another high-protein dairy-free option with a slightly nutty flavour + a thin texture similar to that of skimmed milk. It steams well because of its protein content so produces good foam for cappuccinos or macchiatos. However the foam + texture created does tend to dissolve quickly.


Nut-free + soy-free so ideal for those with more specific dietary requirements. it has a neutral taste + is similar to skimmed milk in its consistency so may not produce the smooth, creamy cup that you or your friends may be looking for. It has a low protein content so doesn’t foam particularly well. But it is a safe option and a preference from those who like a simple cup.


Cashew milk is thick + creamy + quickly becoming a favourite (mine included!) It has a subtly sweet taste but super creamy texture + is great for a latte. My personal favourite mix? Bondi Coffee, a spoon of hot chocolate + cashew milk. The perfect mocha!


Made from the protein of yellow peas, it has a high-protein content + is full of health boosting potassium. The taste is the most neutral of dairy alternatives so is a great substitute for people in the early stages of switching milk. It’s good for foaming too + the silky texture makes latte art a doddle apparently!


Another common favourite with the non-dairy fan club but surprisingly it’s not the easiest option for your coffee. It curdles quite easily due to the temperature + acidity of coffee with variation depending on the brand of both the coffee + the milk itself. It has a nutty flavour + opting for sweetened almond milk will produce a smoother taste. It foams thickly but can still separate within the drink underneath.

How to perfect the coffee? Start with the perfect base!

Dairy-free? Dairy-heavy? Black as night? It's starts with a perfect sachet. It's all in a perfect instant.

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