Start your 2020 with little steps.

Posted by Amy Cousins on

Did you know that 20% of us Brits break our resolution on day 2 because they're simply too big and unachievable??



It’s tempting to jump to quick fix solutions, but these don't last.



At Bondi Coffee, we don’t believe in detoxes, cleanses, or miracles. We believe that making small habits and changes to your lifestyle is the way to see attainable, long-lasting results.




So whether your goal is trying #Veganuary, eating more of greens, getting your 8 hours sleep, or joining the gym, let us help you get there.




Our coffee tastes the same as your usual cup but has lots of added goodness - spirulina, MCTs, Green Tea, Guarana, Ginseng and Choline.




Remember, little steps lead to big wins.








Happy January!


Love, Bondi Coffee x

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