Social Life Incoming...? 3 S words to help you on your way.

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We sent this out as a newsletter back in April, but we felt that it was still so relevant + still so important to everyone as we head back out into the world + beyond. After almost a year in confinement, a year isolated from loved ones, a year without social gatherings or heading out to your favourite coffee shop or restaurant for a planned event or an impromptu treat, we know that it can be hard to snap back into your social life. So we wanted to inspire you with 3 'S' words that are important across nations, but more important for you. 

"Slowly. Surely. Safely."

Why do we want to highlight these at Bondi Coffee? Because we want you to feel confident, to feel composed, to feel stable, to be supported. And Team Bondi is here for it all. 


- Remember to be kind to yourself + take your time. It's ok to be anxious about getting out again. It's a good thing that you're thinking of it + its a good thing to want to take things slow. It means you will appreciate the moments you have when you do get out, because you know it took courage + you know it took time. Take it day by day, plan by plan, step by step, upwards and onwards.

S U R E L Y 

- If you are asked to make plans, big or small, don't worry about not committing right away or feeling unsure. Only say YES if you feel confident that you can handle it. No friend or family member wants to cause you stress, and no friend or family member will be upset if you want to ease into social life a little slower than them. Remember to enjoy the moments you have together + you’ll only be able to do this if you are sure about being there. 

S A F E L Y 

- It goes without saying that safety in terms of hygiene + proactive caution is necessary for the foreseeable, but we want you to feel SAFE on the inside too. It’s nice to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but its ok to start with familiar places as you find your stride again. Now is the ideal time to prioritise your wellbeing + connect to your body + mind to understand how you feel about the outside world. Care for your body + care for your health by nourishing your body (and treating yourself, because that's good for the soul!). YOU are your safe place, so ground yourself there - emotionally + physically. Find your comfort zone, find your safety zone, and don't forget to visit them as often as necessary. 


- Ok, so this one doesn't begin with S! But we do believe that BONDI can help with all of the above! It's FUEL for your fun, it's SUPPORT for your system, its NOURISHMENT from nature, its COMFORT in a cup.

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