Stay Hydrated with Bondi Coffee

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BOOST your body, ELEVATE your energy, POWER your stride...
Our usual captions with our usual enthusiasm for the INNUMERABLE HEALTH BENEFITS that BONDI COFFEE has!
But there's ANOTHER to add to the list, and it may just surprise you...

H Y D R A T I O N !

Yes, BONDI COFFEE can help you stay Hydrated!

It’s true that caffeine is a diuretic. It increases blood flow to the kidneys and spurs them to release more water than usual. But your body is capable of regulating + quickly compensating for this, so the effect is short-term + your hydration is not offset. Plus, for caffeine to have a significant dehydrating effect, studies show that you need to consume more than 500mg of it per day, which is about 1.2 litres of brewed coffee.

Other studies show that moderate coffee intake may be as hydrating as drinking water. For example, a study in 50 heavy coffee drinkers noted that drinking 26.5 ounces (800 ml) of coffee daily for 3 days was equally as hydrating as drinking the same amount of water due to their lifestyles + regular caffeine intake*. *

PLUS your body is capable of pulling water from your gut whenever it needs to, whether that’s water from fruit, vegetables, milk, water or your BONDI COFFEE!

So sit back, relax + enjoy your favourite blend. Your health + your hydration will thank you...



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