Self-Care Isn’t Vanity, It's Sanity.

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Self-Care Isn’t Vanity, It's Sanity.

Self-care takes on a newfound importance during the coronavirus pandemic. Charities, NHS workers and therapists praise its virtues.

It's tricky to bring self-care back to the basics of what it can mean for us when we’re bombarded by feel-good teas, lipsticks and candles. And that’s why we're sharing a little bit about what we do for self-care with you today.  

It's been a trying year and if you’re feeling that heaviness, please know we’ve felt too. For us here at Bondi Coffee the core of our self-care centres around ensuring exercise, movement and that time for morning coffee  is a priority. For our physical health, and for our mental and emotional health too.

It isn’t a fancy face mask (although that can be very nice too!), it’s showing up for yourself and doing that one thing everyday until it becomes part of your routine.

- Self-care is getting out of bed.
- It’s having a shower.
- Brushing your teeth.
- Boiling the kettle, mixing up a pre-workout
- Moving your body.

- Getting out of your comfort zone and doing something
that your future self will thank you for.

It took us a while to find something we really enjoy and we’re still working it out. Some days its HIIT, then its LIIS, weight training, barre, yoga or simply walking.

We get it. We’re busy. We have families, jobs, friends and a to-do-list that is probably longer than your right arm. But book it in, show up and
show up for you and only you.

Ask yourself this : ‘What takes you out of your comfort zone but also makes you feel amazing?’

Whatever the answer, find it, do it and repeat it.

Big Bondi Love, X


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