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Hi Lydia.  Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Lydia Barratt, I’m 42 but aiming to be as fit and healthy as possible, making sure I stay active and able to keep up with my five young daughters!

I've been a full time mum since having my first baby but now my youngest is at school I’m looking to start a new career! 

I'm really passionate about creating a healthy lifestyle and get excited when new products come on the market that aid optimum nutrition and make it easy to feel better and get the most out of your life.


How long have you been using Bondi Coffee?         

I’ve been drinking Bondi coffee now for around 8 months and I can’t be without it! I even took it away with me when we were fortunate enough to go on a mini family break to Norfolk this summer!

Which is your favourite blend?

It's hard to choose between the two blends as to which is my favourite because I take the Lean Green blend everyday first thing in the morning to wake up my body and kick start my metabolism!  I love the all-natural ingredients and the benefits of them!

Then a bit later on i'll drink the Workout Booster Blend to get the energy I need to power me through a weight training session. I rely on both blends to keep me going and performing as efficiently as possible throughout my busy day!

What difference has it made to your life?

I only spend money on worthwhile products that actually make a difference to my health and my life. 

With Bondi Coffee Pre-workout Booster I literally feel the natural buzz which fires up strength in my muscles to get a bigger output, and because I can put greater effort into my training the results are better.  I feel like I’ve achieved a lot more since drinking Bondi Coffee Workout Booster and am able to push my body harder at the gym!

I love that both blends make it really easy to pack in some much needed nutrients in the morning just by drinking my first cup of coffee! 

I’m really forgetful at taking vitamins and it can all get very complicated and expensive, so this super good addition to my morning drink is really welcome! 

Given that it's such a tasty way to boost my metabolism and give me energy for my workouts I will keep coming back time and time again!

Definitely a Bondi Coffee customer for life!

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