What is Guarana Extract?

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Guarana is one of the numerous superfood ingredients infused into both Bondi Coffee's high performance coffee blends, so we thought we’d take you through the benefits of this super seed extract.

Guarana is a plant that hails from The Amazon Basin in Brazil. It’s also known as Paullinia Cupana or Cacao Brésilien and is made famous by fruit it bears.

It was named after the Guarani tribe who would use the seeds of the fruit so concoct a drink to use medicinally.

Nowadays, Guarana is used in everything from sports nutrition products to energy boosting supplements.

Just like coffee, Guarana contains caffeine and its use in energy drinks was primarily because of the beneficial effects of caffeine which have been widely studied.

Recent research however has pointed out that the natural mix of chemicals that guarana is made up of may actually enhance the stimulative effect over just caffeine alone (for example a cup of coffee).



Guarana has been anecdotally shown to provide sustained energy

It has been cited that users report Guarana extract giving a ‘smoother’ energy release than alternatives like coffee, with the effects lasting longer than traditional caffeine alternatives. 

Guarana has actually been praised for its sustained effect which seems to prevent the crash that usually comes other forms of caffeine, resulting in mid-afternoon headaches and a craving for more stimulation.

As a result, we have infused Guarana into our both the Lean-Green superfood coffee blend and also our world's first pre-workout coffee, Workout Booster, to help regulate the crash and fall cycle of other pre-workout alternatives.

Whilst there is still much human research to be done on the benefits of Guarana, initial animal studies have indicated that there could be various health and skin benefits of the extract which we will take a look at.


It could have therapeutic properties

Initially Guarana was used because of its diuretic properties and was used to treat ailments such as fever, cramps and headaches.

It was considered by indigenous peoples as a substance that promoted longevity. Guarana seeds have about four times more caffeine coffee beans and are made up by ingredients like saponins and tannins as well as properties which contain antioxidants.

Examples of this are flavonoids and purine alkaloids which have been proven to help fight off free radicals to protect the body from stress. Flavonoids exist in fruits and vegetables which are strongly encouraged in our diets so Guarana also containing these properties is a huge benefit.


Could help to improve cognitive functions

Guarana is a natural nootropic (a chemical compound that has been shown to boost brain function) and has been linked with enhanced memory and alertness. Using animal studies scientists have found that such stimulatory impacts are due to more than just the caffeine in Guarana, but more studies are being done to determine the science behind why this is the case.

Caffeine is also a nootropic and thus most of the current studies on the cognitive benefits of caffeine look at the substance in isolation.

It is exciting to see that preliminary studies have shown that the unique mix of caffeine and other substances in Guarana could have an enhanced effect.


Aiding in Weight Maintenance

A study involving overweight women demonstrated that those who took Guarana were able to better stick to a calorie-controlled diet than those who did not. The extract has been involved in promising studies that are anticipating the plant can help the body to better utilise nutrients and defend against fat storage, as well as help to regulate hormones. As it also is caffeine containing, Guarana, like coffee can also help to reduce hunger pangs.


Boosts workout performance

Guarana is caffeinated and like coffee, has been linked to improve athletic performance and reduced fatigue, which positively impacts individual’s workout routines.

In a study of active males, it was found that those who consumed a guarana containing drink before their workout, felt less exerted when completing a moderately intense run compared to those who did not.

We need further information on the combined effect of Guarana seeds ingredients to test the additional benefit its unique formula has over just caffeine.

In conclusion

Whilst Guarana has many benefits, users must be mindful of not over consuming the extract.

Our Bondi Coffee blends have been carefully curated with the assistance of a sports nutritionist to ensure the correct dosage.

If you are pregnant consult with your doctor before consuming any caffeine supplements to ensure Guarana is suitable for you. If you find that you are restless, dehydrated or anxious, it may be a sign that you are over consuming caffeine.

Aside from these minor risks, Guarana is overall considered an excellent natural stimulant choice by majority of health and fitness professionals.

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