Is coffee good for weight loss?

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Is coffee good for weight loss? Bondi Coffee is developed to get you maximum nutrients in one quick dose. And we know it makes great pre-workout fuel. But is coffee also good for keeping you slim. Let’s take a look.

Coffee for weight loss

We drink coffee for many reasons, including to keep us going through our busy days. So if coffee might help us stay in shape, or even lose a little weight, that’s an added bonus. Let’s look at the science around coffee for weight loss.

Earlier this year, Harvard University looked at whether coffee can reduce the risk of your developing Type-2 diabetes. They found that four cups of daily coffee can reduce your body fat by up to 4%.

Researchers think this fat loss may happen because coffee increases your metabolism, so you burn more calories.

And in 2019, a study found that the caffeine in coffee may stimulate something called the brown adipose tissue. This tissue is the fat in your body that burns the calories. So a cup of coffee can charge up that calorie burning effect.

Coffee and cravings

Although it’s not quite so straight-forward as to whether coffee can boost your slimming goals. The Journal of Food Science found a link between caffeine and craving sugary snacks.

Luckily, Bondi Coffee has some sweet treat recipes that can satisfy your sugar cravings while keeping the calories down.

Does coffee need to be taken black for weight loss?

Black coffee contains hardly any calories, fats or carbohydrates. Combine that with the studies above, and you have a great kick-start to your day. But black coffee isn’t necessarily healthy on its own. You need a boost of other micro-nutrients to get the most out of your drink. Which is why Bondi Coffee developed our Lean Green coffee to help you get the most out of your daily drink.

However, there are more benefits to getting a black coffee once a day. Black coffee contains chlorogenic acid. This slows down the glucose production in your body, which is a good thing. And black coffee also contains antioxidants that help with slimming.

If you want to get the maximum benefit from your coffee, then take it black. However, that’s not to everyone’s taste. It’s the milk, sugars, and syrups that we add to coffee which cranks up the calories.

You can substitute your milk for a plant-based alternative or one with less fat content. And if you prefer your coffee sweet, try substituting sugar for a zero-calorie or low GI alternative.

You can always slowly reduce your sugar intake by putting less in you cup each time.

Coffee and dieting

We know that coffee, however you drink it, can be good for weight loss, if you are working out and eating well.

There’s lots of faddy diets out there that will have you cutting out your caffeine. We don’t believe in fad-diets. Yo-yo dieting will cause you more harm than good in the long run.

And if you are looking to keep in shape, we recommend making small incremental changes to your life that you can sustain. Like swapping your morning coffee for our nutritionally boosted coffee.

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