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By now, we hope you know all about our amazing pre-workout blend.

BUT, did you know we also do a second blend you can enjoy throughout the day not just before the gym??


We wanted to create products that can be loved and enjoyed by all - not just fitness fanatics. The ethos behind our brand is quite simple.


We want you to be feeling your absolute best and you know what, coffee helps you get there. So we thought, why not make it as healthy and as energising as possible and that's how Bondi was born.


Lean-Green is pure health, taste and convenience in one delicious cup!

We're not going to give you a long sales pitch.

But we do want to highlight the benefits as we really do believe it is the best on the market!

✔️ Increased Metabolism

✔️ Reduced Cravings

✔️ More Energy

✔️ Rich in Antioxidants

✔️ Thermogenesis

✔️ Tastes Amazing

Did you know we're also stocked on Amazon??


Take a look for yourselves!


Have a wonderful weekend Bondi Babes.

Love, Bondi Coffee x



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