Our Favourite Home Workout Apps and Videos Of 2020.

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Our lifestyles have dramatically changed as a result of COVID-19  Most of us now work from home. And with our usual gyms and studios closed. But we still need to find ways to move and nourish our bodies - even if it's from home. 

We know a lot of our Bondi Tribe are fitness fanatics, so we've put together a list of our favourite 'at-home' workout apps and YouTube channels for you to try.

There are a whole lot more out there, but these are our tried and tested apps - to make sure they have the Bondi tick of approval.

For best results, we obviously recommend having a Bondi pre-workout cuppa to give you that buzz to help you push your body to its full potential.

Let us know in the comments which workouts and apps you absolutely love! 

Les Mills on demand:

Les Mills workouts are run all around the world. You might recognise a few of their signature class names, Body Pump, Step or Body Attack. The icon has released an on-demand service where you can stream workouts from strength training, yoga, dance and even get guided meditation. The best part about this option is there is so much variety, you can filter classes by whether or not you need equipment. We are absolutely love their dance workouts right now to put us in the mood. 



If Pilates style workouts are more your thing, we suggest you head over to Blogilates. Cassey Ho is a huge name in the fitness industry and her Youtube channel has over five million subscribers. You can find everything from quick sessions to sculpt your arms, 7-day ab challenges and longer guided workouts.

Guys, don’t be put off -  they have a bunch of traditional Pilates coached workouts as well.  There are lots of free sessions on the website and YouTube.  If you find that you’re loving it, you can upgrade to the paid version


This new training suite developed by Chris Hemsworth and his marvellous team of trainers. It's for those of you that like a very varied training approach. The app asks you to input your metrics and training goals. It then suggests which exercise sessions may suit you based on your fitness levels. And it has a planner that helps you map out your exercise and food, alongside an amazing library of easy, healthy recipes. The plan has been popularised by its 6-week programs, including Centr6 and Centr Unleashed, which you can use with equipment or without. 


Sweat app:  

The sweat app is a women’s training app that is headed up by some serious female powerhouses. With Kayla Itsines in charge (creator of the famous Bikini body guide) supported by trainers like Kelsey Wells and Chontel Duncan. You'll definitely find something to suit your needs.

They have at home programs for those fitness freaks who have decked out their garage gyms (PWR by Kelsey wells). And the classic Kayla guides which have a range of programs that predominantly use your bodyweight. The planner allows you to map out your week of workouts and it has a vast collection of amazing, nourishing recipes too!

Fiton App:

For starters, you can access most of this app’s offerings completely free. And it sees you working out alongside a host of celebrity trainers! Fiton boasts names like Katie Dunlop, Cassey Ho (Blogilates) and Jeanette Jenkins. The videos are extremely high quality which makes it feel like you are attending a studio class from the comfort of your lounge and you can even invite your friends to workout with you and schedule in sessions. We thought it was almost too good to be true when we stumbled across it and we still can’t believe how amazing the free version is!  

Shreddy app:

We're sure you have heard the name Grace Beverly if you're from the UK.  She's a brilliant young entrepreneur making strides in the fitness industry and was recently honoured in the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list. Shreddy is an app targeted at millennials.  It has a mixture of weights-based programs and a home workout plan was launched this year. Shreddy is designed to support you along every step of the way of your fitness journey, including chat forums for motivation. It includes fully vegan meal plans (great if you are plant-based) and is ideal for beginners to start resistance training.  Keep an eye out for the challenges that run, and check out Grace’s apparel brand Tala for some stunning cruelty-free activewear.  


Yoga with Adriene:

During Covid-19, thousands of people have completed 30 days of Yoga with Adriene.  This program aims to build users technique and form. It’s the perfect introduction to yoga if you have had no experience or if you are looking to start a habit of daily practice. Sessions range from about 20-30 minutes and we’ve found it's great to do alongside other workout programs. The sessions really help to ease tension in the muscles and give you an amazing stretch pre or post-workout.

The sessions vary from relaxation, to ab work and more powerful days that help you build up a sweat. The 30 days is completely free on Youtube, so if you are curious it doesn’t cost you anything to give it a go!


Runners and cyclists, we haven’t forgotten about you. So many members of our community have taken up running because of how accessible it is. And we have the perfect app for you. Strava tracks your runs and cycles, using the GPS technology in your phone or fitness watch. And you can see your key metrics such as distance, pace and incline. The app maps everything out on handy graphs. Strava  gamifies exercise by having different challenges and allowing you to earn badges when you reach different goals and milestones. But the best part: Strava lets you follow your friends and vice versa, so you share your activities and give your friends Kudos. 

If you can't get to your local gym, you can still keep on track with your fitness goals with some tweaks and adjustments to your routine. We have a wonderful opportunity this year to try exercises we usually don't do. And this keeps our body guessing and improving different areas of fitness. 

Being able to move your body is a wonderful gift, even in crazy times like these.

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