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When the weather and the daylight is no longer on our side, its easy to lose the motivation for getting our regular activity. But movement can be so transformative for our energy and our mood. It really can lift the Winter blues, and we would hate for the Bondi Tribe to hibernate entirely! We thought we'd help you find your motivation this November, because health is wealth and we want to share the riches.

Why stay motivated?

  • Your overall health and wellbeing is reliant on daily movement. Spending excess amounts of time sitting is a huge contribution to diseases and health conditions such as hypertension, back pains, cardiovascular diseases, depressive symptoms which can be countered with regular movement and activity.
  • Getting outside is a great way to maximise the minimal sunlight hours we get in the colder months. Even just 15 minutes in the natural sunlight can give us a good dose of our Vitamin D requirements. Its also beneficial for your mental health. 
  • Heating up your body naturally through exercise has a calming affect on the body in the same way that a warm bath or sitting in front of the fire does. Its much kinder to the planet too.
  • Exercise releases serotonin and dopamine (the happy hormones)
  • Keeps muscles and joints supple and working properly
  • Exercising naturally boosts your immunity! When you exercise and get your blood pumping, immune cells circulate through your body more quickly helping them seek and destroy infections.
  • The cold, clean air will give your lungs a necessary detox and keep your systems healthy.
  • What you do now will benefit you later. Mind, body and soul.

How to go about it:

  • We recommend starting your morning with the Bondi Coffee Lean Green blend which will rev up your engines ready for the day ahead. It’s a natural energy and metabolism booster that will wake you up without the nasty crashes that energy drinks bring.
  • We also have the Workout Booster blend to power your stride and aid your muscles in their recovery afterwards, so you can be refreshed and revived every day.
  • Invest in the right clothing and try your best to get outside regardless of the weather, especially in the morning as the sunlight is helpful to supporting circadian rhythm balance (your 24-hour body clock cycle). Did you know we have a Bondi Hoodie that will brighten your day and help you face any bad weather that Winter has to offer? Buy your exclusive hoodie here.
  • Find something you love. It might be weightlifting in the gym, it might be yoga in your living room, or it might be a power walk through the nearest park. If its gets you moving and makes you smile, then its worth facing the cold for the feeling you will have during and after you've done it!
  • Set yourself some goals. “By Spring I want to…” Hit a new personal best, learn that tricky Zumba step, go on a walk 5 times every week… It isn’t about weight loss or yo-yo dieting. Its about building a healthy lifestyle and maximising your health all year round.
  • Rope your friends into it! Attend a workout class with your favourite friend or schedule a walk with your Bondi Coffee to go. It’s a sure fire way to put the world to rights and keep your body moving whilst at it.
  • Your family can do it too. we love to be active as a family. Whether its morning yoga, a mini gym session, roller-blading through the park or just dancing around the kitchen. If its too cold for the children outside, play games that need movement such as Twister or get online and do a child-friendly workout together.
  • Track your progress. Mark on the calendar what you did and how long for. You'll get such a sense of achievement as you see your healthy habits clocking up. Just try it for a week and see!

Finally, ENJOY YOURSELF, and remember that life is ALL ABOUT BALANCE. Get active now, get mince pies later… We can’t wait to see you enjoying them.

Team Bondi x

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