6 Science-Based Benefits of MCT Oil.

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6 Science-Based Benefits of MCT Oil.

MCTs aka Medium Chain Triglycerides are one of the main ingredients of our Lean-Green Blend. You’ll hear us talking about them A LOT but, we realise we haven't told you what they are or what they’re for.

Prepare for a simplified science lesson and let's dive into those MCTs. 

MCTs are partially manmade fats. The name refers to the way the carbon atoms are arranged in their chemical structure. Medium-chain triglycerides oil contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. Due to their length, MCTs are easily digested and have many health benefits that are linked to the way your body processes these fats.

Coconut oil is the most common form of MCT oil. Half of the fat in coconut oil comes from MCTs. 

MCT oil is most commonly extracted from coconut oil as more than 50% of the fat in coconut oil comes from MCTs.

There are four different types of MCT, two of which are caprylic and capric acid. And caprylic and capric acid have some unique health benefits.


Here are six science-backed benefits you can get from adding MCT oil to your diet!

1. It can promote weight loss.

MCT increases two hormones that promote the feeling of fullness in the body. Your body can also use MCT oil as an instant source energy making it unnecessary to store fat for this purpose. Lastly, MCTs can help optimise the growth of good bacteria and support your gut lining.
 Which means it can make great slimming coffee. 


2. Instant source of energy that can be used to fuel your brain. 

MCT oil is easily absorbed and transported throughout the body. It can be used as an instant source of energy or can be converted into ketones to fuel your brain.


3. May reduce lactate build-up in athletes and help use fat for energy.

MCT oil can increase fat burning and reduce the need for carbs during exercise. One study found that it improved swimming capacity!. 


4. It could help manage Epilepsy Alzheimers disease and Autism.

MCT oil may improve brain function which is beneficial for people with epilepsy, alzheimers and autism. Current research looks very promising, but longer and larger scale studies are needed.


5. MCT contains powerful fatty acids that fight yeast and bacterial growth.

Studies have found that MCTs can have antimicrobial and anti fungal effects. The fatty acids reduce and stunt the growth of widespread infections. 

6. May reduce risk facts for heart disease and high cholesterol

Heart disease is a growing problem. A study was conducted with 24 overweight men and found that taking MCT oil combined with a healthy diet for 29 days reduced their cholesterol levels by 12.5%

The Bottom Line

Foods containing MCT can be a great addition to your diet. They provide a great source of fuel that can help to improve your mental and physical performance and help you to maintain your optimal body shape more easily.

So with that in mind, try our Lean-Green Blend which contains MCTs for a health, tasty and satisfying cup every time. 

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