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Workout From Home.

Happy Monday Bondi Babes!


We hope you're having a great start to your week. Here in the UK, we are week 3 into lockdown. It's a strange new normal but we're starting to get to grips with things. We're taking every day as it comes, appreciating the small things and celebrating those mini victories.


One of our mini vcitories is FINALLY enjoying our home workouts. Yay! Working out has always been a big part of our lives so to be able to feel as though we're back in the groove with those is a big positive.

It's so important at these times of uncertainty to keep your mind and body active. Regular exercise and movement will really help with those happy hormones. Those post-workout endrophins are the best after all! And because we're feeling oh so positive this morning, we wanted to share a workout idea with you all!


One of our Bondi Babes @notadayjob has put together a super simple circuit you can do using your body weight and a resistance band!

Grab a resistance band, make yourself a Bondi Workout Booster Coffee and follow these exercsies!

15 reps, 3 sets, GO GO GO!



Hamstring Curls

Glute Bridges

Plank Hamstring Pulses

Crab Walks

Adductor Pulses

Pulse Kickbacks


Trust us, you’ll be feeling that Bondi burn afterwards 🙌🏻 

Big thank you to Mikaela for these fab home workout ideas!

We know the times are tough, but we will get through it together.


Stay At Home, Protect the NHS, Safe Lives.




Big Bondi Love, X

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