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Hello September!

Firstly, WOW. Where did the Summer go?!



How is September  a l r e a d y  here? We had that little 'oh gosh' we're closer to winter than we are sunshine now and it got us thinking about those resoltuions we set ourselves wayyyy back in January.



 The person that we thought or hoped we'd become, those mindful rituals you told yourself you'd obey only to discover that you started to let them slip my March. Now that September is here, it really does seem like a distant memory.


As we approach just over half way through the year, it marks a somewhat logical time to reflect especially if like us, your children are heading back to school.



WELL, let us give you a little helping hand to re-find that spurt of motivation to get you through the tail end of 2019!


-We're even putting some of these into practice ourselves!



1.Cut back on the alcohol.

If the summer was particaruly Rose heavy, why not think about attepmting 'Sober September' or, limiting yourself to 1 or 2 drinks when you're out with the girls. It's perfectly okay to have a drink but sometimes its also nice to feel super sprightly the day after!




2.Try eating more of a plant-based diet.

Summer = BBQ season right? Hotdogs, burgers - the lot. If like us, you try to eat a real variety of foods, you'll know that sometimes you just want to indulge. Nothing wrong with that! But now that there are SO many meat alternatives, why not try adding some more plant-based alteratives into your diet. Try a black bean burgeres with guac and salsa - you'll never look back!




3.Prioritise YOURSELF.

Health means different things to every one. To some, it might mean eating more vegetables and to others, taking a mental health day every now and then. Now is a great time to check-in and ask, “Am I treating my body and mind kindly?”


If your kids have gone back to school - use this time to put yourself at the TOP of your to-do-list. That gym class you struggled to make during the Summer months? Schedule it in. Now is your time!




4. Start your mornings mindfully.

If your morning routine is stressful, it's likely that feeling will follow you round for the rest of the day. What's one thing you could do every morning that would give you 5 minutes of downtime? Maybe its a coffee before the school run. Whatever it is, DO IT. And do it with Bondi Coffee.


Have a wonderful weekend Bondi Babes.

Love, Bondi Coffee x

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