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🍂 Hello October🍂

This week, ease yourself in.





Take some time for YOU. 

Because when you stop to look around, life is actually pretty amazing.



The start of a new month often brings up the concept of change which can be both comforting and distressing.




In between the notions of change is this thing called 'life' that is meant to be lived. So don't forget to live it.


And whilst you're focusing on living this wonderfully weird thing called 'life' make sure you're adequately caffeinated.




 Every good day starts with a freshly brewed cup, right? 


So, imagine JUST HOW GOOD a cup packed with alllll these extras in tastes?


✔️ Choline
✔️ Spirulina
✔️ Green Coffee Bean Extract
✔️ Matcha Green Tea
✔️ Guarana



Have a wonderful weekend Bondi Babes.

Love, Bondi Coffee x

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